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Online Study in Data Analyst in Canada

Nowadays most of the universities and institutes are moving online. Therefore, many colleges of Canada which are best for study are also providing their courses in online mode. We have seen a vast boost in the sub field of computers is Data analyst. As in the upcoming years we can expect it to grow by 30-40% in future with more job opportunities. Many top universities are providing online study in data analyst in Canada.

What is a Data Analyst?

The term data analysis is integrated with extracting, cleaning, and analyzing data in order to get the insights from the results. For example, the analysis of data can help doctors in the detection of cancer, or in the analysis of the queries of the viewers of Netflix helping to refine the streaming service’s original content.

Data analytics’ findings also guide the decision-makers and help them to determine their organization’s position. And, standing behind these analysis and the techniques that produce the helpful data  are known as data analysts.

Who is a data analyst?

A data analyst is an expert or a professional who is trained in using techniques of analyzing data to perform different tasks like determining patterns in housing prices, predicting insurance claims, and creating classification algorithms to identify useful data. Data Analysts are the initiators of all data-science processes, even those that depends on machine learning.

While many large companies hire their own data analysts to analyse the useful data, many others use consulting enterprises like Caserta and GetInData to process raw data and use the results to make insights into it. HackerNoon is also comes at the list of top big-data consulting enterprises offering promising careers in data analysis.

Best Universities in Canada for online study in Data science

  1. McGill University

The university of McGill offers many master’s programs with courses focusing on the skills of data science. Here are some examples of courses: Master’s degree in Computer Science, online Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Online degree in Information Studies, degree in Mathematics and Statistics, online master’s degree in Bioinformatics, etc.

Their courses are designed with topics like Database Systems, Artificial Intelligence(Al), Computational Biology Methods, Distributed Systems, Probabilistic Reasoning and Artificial intelligence (AI), Applied Machine Learning, Data Mining, Optimization, Information Retrieval, and more.

  • Tuition fees: Upwards of $11,000 USD totally depends on the required credits for graduation.
  • Application Requirements: GRE/TOEFL
  1. University of British Columbia

They are offering the degree of Master in Data Science (MDS)

  • Duration of the course: 11 month accelerated learning
  • Tuition fees: ~ $36,000
  • Application Requirement: TOEFL/IELTS. Any Undergraduate (UG) with a recommended Self-Assessment
  1. Simon Fraser University

This university is providing the professional Master’s Program in Big Data/ Computing Science MSc in Big Data

  • Tuition: ~$35,000
  • Application Requirement: TOEFL/IELTS. They are expected to give prior training in languages like Java, Python,C++
  1. Carleton University

This university is offering the Specialization in Data Science to the students by participating in  Masters Programs

  • Application Fees ~ $110
  • Tuition ranges from $11,000 to $17,000/year
  1. University of Waterloo

This university in Canada is offering the degree in Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (MDSAI)

  • Duration of the course: 16 to 20 months
  • Tuition fees: $5,000 per course for internationals

The course of Master’s of Mathematics in Data Science us also offering by them to their students

  • Duration of the course: 4 to 6 terms
  • Tuition fees: $5,600 per term for internationals
  1. Saint Mary’s University

This university of Canada is offering the course of M.Sc. In Computing & Data Analytics

  • Application Requirements: TOEFL. Bachelors degree in Computing Science or equivalent. Minimum 75% on Computing Test taken by Saint Mary’s University. You also have to complete a technical interview with the Program Director.
  • Tuition fees: ~$29,000
  1. Ryerson University

The Ryerson University is offering the course of M.Sc in Data Science and Analytics

  • Duration of the course: 1 year Full Time and 2 year Part Time
  • Application Requirements: TOEFL. Bachelors degree in engineering, science, business and economics. Some courses in Statistics, data structures and algorithms, databases and R software packages.
  • Tuition fees: ~$16,000 per year
  1. University of Western Ontario

University of Western Ontario is offering the course of Master of Data Analytics

  • Duration of the course: 1 year
  • Application Requirements: TOEFL. You need to have a Background in Mathematics and Computer Science, introductory Statistics, calculus, linear algebra and computer programming
  • Tuition fees: ~$18,500
  1. Athabasca University

This university is offer the course in Master of Science in Information Systems to their students.

  • Duration of the course: 2.5 to 3.5 years
  • Tuition fees ~ $18,000

Why Should you do online study in Data Science in Canada?

The average salary for an entry-level data scientist is around $70,000/yr.

There is the shortage of 19,000 data analyst professionals in Canada even after the total number of data scientists has doubled over the past four years according to Canada Big Data Consortium.

Today there is the booming opportunity of around 3 million jobs including data science in the upcoming 4 years.

The demand for data scientists is 50% higher as compared to software engineers.

If you choose to study online in data analyst in Canada, then the country offers you a high standard of living, top-level and high quality of education, and a welcoming environment to thrive and survive through the duration of the job.

The course duration for the only degree in data science in Canada is mostly around 1 year to 1.5 years. Some universities of Canada also offer 8 months of on-campus study followed by an 8-months internship.

Conclusion:  Most of the best universities are providing courses in online mode today to their students after the pandemic of coronavirus hit the world. Therefore many universities are providing online study of data science in Canada for free or for some fees. Learning data science is very profitable for students as it opens different ways of job opportunities for them. Students must apply for online courses in the field of data Science as it is science is the future and is expected to grow by 30 to 40% by 2028.

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